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Precision Engineered Solutions That Reduce Production Cost and Time.

26 October 2023
Boneham and Turner are leading manufacturers of precision engineering solutions. We provide supply chains across a range of industries with fast and exact solutions, both from stock and tailored to specific requirements. Operating at the forefront of Motorsport, Aerospace, Defence, and Composite industries, our customers benefit from on-time deliveries, traceability, and reliability of our products. We work collaboratively with customers to develop solutions that add value to their manufacturing process.

Solving common issues in the composite moulding process.

One common issue we identified for customers was that of removing dowel pins, without damaging the workpiece or creating high volumes of waste, during the composite mould process. Boneham offers a variety of dowel pins that tackle this problem.

Boneham Extractable Stepped Dowel Pin in Stainless Steel

Extractable Stepped Dowel Pins

Boneham Extractable Stepped Dowels (ESD’s) feature a larger head to prevent resin from forming around the dowel. The head is tapped, and the smaller diameter of the dowel is polished to increase the ease of removal.

ESD's can be easily removed using Boneham dowel pin extractor kits.

Boneham PTFE Coated Tapped Dowel Pins

PTFE Coated Tapped Dowel Pins

These dowel pins have exceptional release properties and wide operating temperatures (-250°C to 285°C). Alternatively, customers may prefer an easily destroyable dowel pin that removes the need for removal.

Boneham Co-polymer Performance Dowel Pin

Boneham Black Co-Polymer Dowel Pins

Our Co-polymer higher integrity dowels are plastic dowels offering superior integrity and performance. They have improved dimensional stability, a wide temperature range (-40°C to 140°C) and can, easily and efficiently, be drilled out if they become locked by resin run.

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