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Overview & History

Who we are

Boneham and Turner Ltd are a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and special engineering components to the UK, Europe and USA. Specialising in Drill Bushes, Dowel Pins, Locating Parts, Shims and Hydraulic Sealing Plugs. Boneham also represents a wider range of components.

The Boneham brands reputation for quality and excellence has been the central factor behind the company’s success since 1918. Emphasis on precision and quality has allowed the company to be at the forefront across a wide variety of markets including; aerospace, automotive, auto sport, power generation, MOD and machine building.

Overseas, Boneham’s reputation has become well known and the company’s products are being used in most, if not all Continents of the World. A sister company in the US, Boneham Metal Products Inc. has manufacturer’s reps and distributors throughout all states, operating out of a central hub in New Jersey. The company’s commitment to providing quality solutions, supported by a service that is second to none, is a philosophy that has long been associated with the Boneham family, who still own and manage the organisation.

What we do: Some Product Categories

PRECISION ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS focuses on identifying, manufacturing and delivering to exact requirements laid down by the customer. Backed up by extensive knowledge and understanding of core markets Boneham and Turner can support customers in delivering their solution to target.

The Boneham Group focuses on ‘PRECISION ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS’. Manufacturing and supplying precision components to meet the requirement of customers. Catalogued standard parts and specials components under:

Drill Bushes and Jig Bushes

Dowel Pins

Location Pins and Systems


Koenig Flow Control Products

Clamping and Fixing

Knobs and Handles

Positioning Elements

Where we came from: Our 100 year history 

Understanding Customers: Putting you first

The Directors of The Boneham Group believe in maintaining a thorough understanding of customer requirement. At the centre of the company’s business model is its customers. Personal contact still remains key, whilst working extensively with partners and associations to understand changes in the market and support customers and suppliers to maximise their product solutions. Boneham maintains a strong network of Account Managers and Representatives to ensure strong understanding of customer objectives.

Focus on Quality: Continuously Improving 

The Boneham Group strives to offer only the highest quality standards. This ethos has been the backbone of the company’s success for 100 years. Strict quality procedures and principles operate throughout manufacturing processes. Boneham and Turner have always placed quality at the forefront of the organisations culture. Quality not only applies to the components the company manufactures and supplies, but the relationships that are built with employees, suppliers and service providers. The company has maintained BSI ISO 9001 accreditation for many years, also sitting on the ISO panel for the standardisation of Drill Bushes and Dowel Pins.

Continued Investment: A Customer-centric Ethos

The Boneham Group’s philosophy is to build a solution around customer specific requirement. The markets the company servers are reliant on a responsive and communicative supply chain. The objective of The Boneham Group is to combine the important elements that allow customers to manufacture or distribute their products competitively and on time.
Placing the customer at the centre of all development and investment plans ensures that Boneham increases capacity in the right areas, builds relationships in the right places, and improves customer interactivity to the benefit of client experience.

Partners and Associations

Boneham Metal Products Inc

US subsidiary of The Boneham Group

SFC Koenig

Swiss Manufacturer of the Koenig Expander, Koenig Restrictor and Koenig Check Valve. A global leader in hydraulic and engine sealing technology.


A Boneham brand manufacturing ‘Precision Shim Solutions’


A US manufacturer of Gas Springs. DADCO are a pioneer in the development of Gas Spring technology.

Made in the Midlands

A Midlands based association and networking engine supporting manufacturers in the Midlands.

Midlands Aerospace Alliance

The Midlands Aerospace Alliance represents the aerospace industry in the Midlands.

North West Aerospace Alliance

Supporting the North West Aerospace industry and its supply chain.


Supporting toolmakers and the industry with supply chain backing and networking

Composites UK

Supporting the growth of the UK's composite industry


Championing manufacturing and Engineering in the UK


Supporting the development of quality procedures and national standards.